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The airport began operations in 1946, and is named after two of its owners, Fred and Catherine Hiller, and Leonard Tanner. The airport was originally opened by the Hillers. After Fred died, Catherine continued to develop a flight school business at the airport, both as an instructor and as an FAA examiner. A series of different owners passed through between 1973 and 1980, until Leonard Tanner bought it. One of the more interesting aircraft that has called the airport home was the prototype of the Lockheed YO-3A quiet observation aircraft, a type later used during the Vietnam War. It was restored in a hangar at the airport before moving on. Leonard Tanner died in 1998 and his estate has continued to operate the airport. The airport in recent years has been deteriorating which is especially noticed in the poor runway surface. The surroundings however are still picturesque. Camping, swimming, a fine restaurant, and aircraft maintenance were once part of daily operations.

Airport History